Car Loan F.A.Q

Q. Can I get a car loan after bankruptcy?
A. Absolutely! Re-establishing your credit with a car loan after bankruptcy can happen as soon as the day after you have been discharged. Durham Car loans deals with several Automotive Finance companies in Canada specializing in bad credit car loans and can tailor a loan that suits your current financial situation.

Q. How Do I rebuild My Credit?
A. Step one: Obtain a copy of your personal credit report and insure accuracy.
Step two: Work with your creditors to improve ratings where possible.
Step three: Put together a game plan to deal with your outstanding accounts
Step four: Improve your credit score with a new auto loan.
Step five: Pay all accounts on time and as agreed.
Step six: Protect your credit; it’s your lifeline!

Q. What are the benefits of getting Pre-approved?
A. By filling out an application for pre-approval, you can go into the dealership with peace-of-mind knowing exactly what you qualify for. No point in trying to purchase a full size SUV when you can only qualify for a mid-size. If you are uncertain about your current credit situation, it is especially beneficial to go through the pre-approval process. You can save a lot of time and potential embarrassment by knowing up front if there might be any reason that you may not qualify for prime finance programs

Q. Will my interest rate be high if I have bad credit?
A. Hasn’t it happened to all of us that we have had a car accident or some speeding tickets and our insurance premiums have gone through the roof? Well just as your insurance company bases your premiums on risk, car loan lenders work the same way. If you have had some credit hiccups along the way, Credit card companies and other lenders will increase your rates based on the associated risk. The good news is that as you clean up your credit record you will have the opportunity to consider refinancing a new car loan at a lower rate.

Q. How do I see my credit report?
A. There are two major credit bureaus in Canada where you can view your personal credit report: Trans Union or Equifax. You will have to purchase your credit report but it will be well worth it as each company can provide you with some valuable tips on rebuilding your credit.